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Welcome to Enchanted Illuminations where we are passionate about candles.  We sell many different types of candles from pillars, jars, votives, tea lights, tapers, filled containers, unique shapes and sizes, artisan, floating candles, tarts, tins, candle-on-a-rope and more.  We do not make our own candles, but hand select the companies we work with to bring you the highest quality and most unique candle designs, creations and fragrances in North America.  We offer all things candle and other lovelies that illuminate.  These includes LED lights, submersible lights, fireplaces and LED wall prints just to name a few.  

Not sure what to get for yourself or someone else, reach out to us and ask.  We are more than happy to make suggestions or explain any product to you.  Remember picking out candles should be a fun experience.

Getting messy and creative are things we pride ourselves on.  Need to create an elegant centerpiece, a breathtaking home decor display or a vibrant display for an event, we have many ideas to get you started and all of the items you need to do it yourself.

Whether you are looking for shape, size, color or fragrance, we have a large selection to choose from and you will not be disappointed.

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