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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • $ 2999

Salt lamps are a wonderful addition to your home.  They cleanse and deodorize the air, help with asthma and allergies symptoms, ease coughing, cancel out the positive ions, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, increase energy levels, help you with better sleep, improve mood and concentration, help with seasonal affective disorders and reduce static in the air.

Ours range from 5-7lbs and come from the Himalayan mountain ranges.  Each one is unique in color and shape and some may have different veins of color with heavier mineral content.  A 5-7 pound lamp will produce negative ions for a small-medium size room about 10x10 sq.ft.  The larger the lamp the more produced so many people will get more than one or couple with our candle holders.

Each comes with a bulb, electrical cord with on/off switch, a replacement bulb and instructions for setup and care and maintenance of your lamp.

These make amazing gifts.  These are also paired great with our Himalayan candle holders and bath salts.

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